“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.”


Hi, I’m Taylor!

I’m a Banff local + hiking enthusiast. Most days you’ll find me summiting mountains and camping in the Canadian Rockies backcountry. Other times you’ll find me backpacking around the world, exploring new cultures, travelling through unique landscapes, and eating delicious food.

My passion for hiking has inspired me to create detailed hiking guides in order to share my favourite trails and summits with you from around the world.

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Undiscovered mountain ranges and gorgeous valleys at a wildly affordable price.


Steep mountains, beautiful fjords, and untouched wilderness. Norway’s right to roam policy means you can wild camp almost anywhere in the country.

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Scrambling is a hike up steep terrain (usually a scree field) involving the use of one’s hands. Scrambling is considered more “advanced hiking” and should only be practiced by experienced hikers, or those who are hiking with more experienced adventurers.

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