“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.”

Hike the Canadian Rockies

Hey, I’m Taylor!

My passion for hiking has inspired me to create detailed trail guides as a way to share my favourite hikes & summits with you!

Get started – choose a destination in the Canadian Rockies to go hiking:

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Explore Day-Hiking Trails

Here are my latest trail guides. If you want to find a whole long list of hikes I’ve completed around the world, click here:

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International Hikes

  • Albanian Alps – an undiscovered paradise and wildly affordable international hiking destination
  • Norway – steep mountains, beautiful fjords, and untouched wilderness areas

Explore Scrambles

Scrambling is a hike up steep terrain (usually a scree field) involving the use of one’s hands. Scrambling is considered more “advanced hiking” and should only be practiced by experienced hikers, or those who are hiking with more experienced adventurers.

Here are a few of my scrambling trail guides, but you can find them all here:

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Explore Backpacking Trails

Backpacking is considered a multi-day hiking trip; yes, you need to carry your gear and camp along the way! A lot of important gear is required for a backpacking trip, so I’ve put together this backcountry gear guide to help you figure out what you do and don’t need for a night in the wilderness.

Here are a few of my backpacking guides, but you can find them all here:

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