As part of my mission with The Holistic Backpacker, my goal is to give you the resources you need to travel, get outside, and live a healthy/fulfilling life.

SO, I thought it was about time I put together a list of all the brands & companies I’ve partnered with to help you save a few $ here and there.

This page contains affiliate links which means I’ll receive a small commission on each purchase you make (full disclosure). Thanks for supporting my content & helping fund The Holistic Backpacker! ♡


  • $10 off Worldpackers membership – Worldpackers is a volunteer platform that literally allows you to travel for free! Code: THEHOLISTICBACKPACKER.



  • 10% off Onsight Care – Canadian, natural, waste-free, outdoor-inspired care company. Code: THEBACKPACKER10.
  • 10% off J&L Naturals – Family owned & operated care company producing products that are good for you & for the planet! Code: theholisticbackpacker10.


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