“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

Anita Desai

Where Should We Go?


Alberta is home to the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Alberta is quite a diverse province as it’s half mountains – half plains, badlands, & oil fields. The highlight areas of this province are the high peaks and sparkling blue lakes of the National Parks as well as the hoodoo trails that wind through the badlands.

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British Columbia

British Columbia has bits and pieces of everything – Rocky Mountains, coastline, plateaus, fjords, rainforests, and so much more. You can do just about anything in British Columbia ranging from exploring cities, to whale watching, to summiting mountains, or enjoying a glass of wine at one of the 341 provincial wineries.

British Columbia’s rules are a bit more “loose” than other provinces in Canada, which makes this a great province for off-road adventures, over-landing, and wild camping.

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Fall in Algonquin

Ontario is known for its cottage culture and fall colours which are best seen around the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

There are over 250,000 lakes in this province alone + plenty of crown land which can be used for wild camping and portage trips.

Ontario isn’t all cottage country and lakes though – this is Canada’s most populated province. There are a few big cities here that make for perfect weekend getaways: Ottawa (Canada’s capital city), Toronto, and Niagara to name a few.

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