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About Ontario

Ontario is Canada’s most populated province as well as the second largest (behind Quebec).

Ontario has a very mixed landscape complete with rich farmland in the south and low grasslands in the north. It also has over 250 000 lakes and 1/5 of the world’s fresh water. Cue lake swimming and dock-hangouts!

Ontario is home to one of the world’s largest continental shields, which extends over 8 million square kilometres, and contains the largest mass of exposed Precambrian rock on the face of the Earth.

Ontario is not all nature, forest, and lakes though. In addition to the great cottage-life Ontario offers, it also has bustin’ big cities. Toronto (capital of Ontario), Ottawa (capital of Canada), and Niagara are a few to explore.

One of the most notable and travel-worthy attractions of Ontario are the fall colours which can be found in the central and north areas of the province. Explore untapped wilderness full of reds, oranges, and yellows early-mid October.

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