Stubb’s Falls & Big Bend Lookout – Easy Winter Hike in Arrowhead

If you’re searching for a quick and easy winter hike in Arrowhead Provincial Park, look no further than Big Bend Lookout and the Stubb’s Falls hike is suitable for everyone and is the perfect way to experience Arrowhead Provincial Park in the winter.

If you do plan on hiking in winter, make sure you have the proper gear and clothing. I’ll talk about what to wear for winter hiking in Arrowhead next, but if you’re new to hiking you’ll surely want to give this a quick read.

Now, let’s go hiking!

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How To Get To Arrowhead Provincial Park

Arrowhead Provincial Park is located approximately 20 minutes from Huntsville. Note that you will need to purchase a Provincial Park pass at the Arrowhead Park store.

On this map I’ve marked the Stubb’s Falls trailhead via Hardwood Ridge, the official Stubb’s Falls trailhead, as well as Big Bend Lookout.

There are multiple starting points for the Stubb’s Falls hike, so pick which one suits you best:

  • Stubb’s Falls Trailhead: This Stubb’s Falls trailhead starts at the parking lot directly after the Park’s store (up the small hill). This trailhead adds a bit more distance and elevation to the hike and follows the Hardwood Ridge Trail. This is the way I hiked to Stubb’s Falls and the Big Bend Lookout, so when I describe this trail I’ll be talking from this perspective.
  • Trailhead #2: This is the actual trailhead for the Stubb’s Falls hike. If you want to hike only the Stubb’s Falls trail (minus the Hardwood section) park at the parking lot located directly after the bridge, then walk back across the bridge. Here you’ll find the trailhead (hiker’s left), go left again for Stubb’s Falls.
Arrowhead Provincial Park map for Stubb's Falls and Big Bend Lookout
Arrowhead Provincial Park Map

You can hike to Big Bend Lookout, however there is parking located directly before the Big Bend side trail.

About Stubb’s Falls Trail

  • Distance: 2.6km
  • Elevation gain: 70m
  • Rated: easy
  • Type of trail: loop
  • Estimated time: 1hr

Stubb’s Falls trail is a super quick and an easy winter hike in Arrowhead that’s perfect for people of all ability levels, families, and pets. The trail can be hiked year round, but it’s exceptionally beautiful in winter.

As you walk you’ll be following the Hardwood Ridge Trail. Watch out for the yellow markers! The trail is very easy to follow, but the arrows will ensure you stay on track.

winter hikes in Arrowhead to Stubb's Falls
Hardwood Ridge Trail Markers

The Hardwood Ridge Trail does not include a visit to Big Bend Lookout, so make sure you add this to your itinerary; it’s the highlight of this hike. I’ll talk about how to get to Big Bend Lookout next.

Stubb’s Falls Hike

From the parking lot located directly after the Arrowhead Park store, you’ll find the trailhead located next to the building with the rounded roof.

From here you’ll be following the Hardwood Ridge Trail until you meet up with the Stubb’s Falls trail. You’ll gain and loose some elevation as you hike, however it’s nothing overly strenuous.

Hiking to Stubb's Falls, Arrowhead
Hardwood Ridge Trail

You’ll eventually reach a fork in the trail, continue walking straight here.

Stubb’s Falls

You should reach Stubb’s Falls within 20-30 minutes of leaving the parking lot. Here you’ll find a bridge crossing the cutest little falls.

Stubb's Falls - winter hike in Arrowhead
Arrowhead winter hike to Stubb’s Falls

My favourite part about winter hiking at Arrowhead is the opportunity to see black water surrounded by ice and snow. The water turns black just as it’s about to freeze because it’s so cold. This makes for picture-perfect scenery.

Stubb's Falls - winter hike in Arrowhead
Stubb’s Falls

You can hike down to see the falls from below. Make sure you do this as this angle allows you to gain a completely new perspective of the falls.

Stubb's Falls - winter hike in Arrowhead
Stubb’s Falls from above
Stubb's Falls - winter hike in Arrowhead
Stubb’s Falls from below

I did this with my family, here’s a pic of myself and mom!

Stubb's Falls - winter hike in Arrowhead
Arrowhead Provincial Park
Big Bend Lookout

After seeing the falls, cross the bridge and take the first left hand turn. You can either follow this trail to the road or cut through a side trail and walk along the Roe campsite road.

Either way, take a right when you get to the main road and walk until you see a gate blocking further car passage. After this gate you’ll find a side-trail (hiker’s right) that leads directly to Arrowhead’s Big Bend Lookout.

Big Bend Lookout - winter hike in Arrowhead
Big Bend Lookout, Arrowhead Provincial Park

There will be signage at Big Bend Lookout explaining it’s history and formation, but if you just can’t wait to learn more about this natural wonder… Ontario Hiking has put together a brief history here!

Back To Stubb’s Falls Trailhead

You can follow the road all the way back to the parking lot or you can cut through the trees on the Hardwood Ridge Trail (the path I initially talked about). To get here, follow the road until you cross the bridge, then turn left into the trees and take a right. You’ll be back to the parking lot in about 20 minutes.

winter hike in Arrowhead Provincial Park
Birch treeson the Stubb’s Falls hike in winter at Arrowhead

As you hike keep an eye out for Birches! Winter hiking at Arrowhead is the perfect place to find these gorgeous trees.

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Where To Stay In Arrowhead

If you want to stay directly in Arrowhead you’ll have to camp. Arrowhead offers multiple types of camping including: car camping, tent camping, and cabin camping! The cabins are super cute and are central to all the trailheads. You can book your Arrowhead campsite here.

Alternatively, if camping ain’t your thing, look for accommodations in Huntsville. Huntsville is the closest town to Arrowhead – located about 20 minutes away – and offers all sorts of cute dining experiences, small shops, and my favourite bakery; Henrietta’s.

You can click here to find accommodations in Huntsville.
Stubb's Falls - easy winter hike in Arrowhead
Stubb’s Falls, Arrowhead Provincial Park

Happy adventuring!

Taylor ♡

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