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“Life is about moments. Create them, don’t wait for them.”

Tony Robbins

Who Am I?

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Hey! I’m Taylor – the voice behind The Holistic Backpacker. 

I created this blog to share my favourite adventures, travel tips, itineraries, and hiking trails from around the world.

I hope this blog inspires your wanderlust & gives you the know-how for all-things-outdoors-&-travel!

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Where to Next?

First things first – where should we go!?

Explore my Favourite Countries

The following countries are some of my favourite places – in the whole world! These are 3 countries I recommend to any traveller, no matter their age, interests, or activity level.


I truly think Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! The Canadian Rocky National Parks in particular are absolutely magnetic & should make every traveller’s bucket list.


Norway is home of the fjords & the northern lights! Norway is an ideal destination for view seekers and hikers alike. The country’s free camping policy makes this a great destination for road trippers too.


Albania makes my list of favourites due to the variety it holds. In Albania you can find impressive nature, history, culture, amazing beaches, and the friendliest people – all on a backpacker budget!

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The Holistic Backpacker is a 100% self-funded passion project designed to aid travellers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts around the world. Although fun, the blogging life ain’t the easy life!

Every bit of engagement helps fund and progress my platform further. If you’d like to support my efforts you can say hi & buy me a virtual tea 🙂

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