Nelson Naturals Moringa Toothpaste Review: Benefits, Results, FAQ

Hey pals!! So I’ve decided I’m going to start reviewing products I LOVE to better inform you of why I personally use them, the environmental benefits they pose, as well as better explain all the natural, gentle, and toxic-free ingredients they’re made of. First up on my list is the Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste review!!

There are so many wonderful benefits of switching to natural toothpaste and I can’t wait to share them all with you. I’ve been avidly using natural toothpaste now for a couple years and can confidently say my teeth have never been cleaner, whiter, or stronger.

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What is Nelson Naturals?

What better way to start off a product review than to talk about where the product in review is coming from? Here’s a quick backstory of Nelson Naturals, what they stand for, and some exceptionally great things about their company.

Nelson Naturals was originally founded by Dana and Kevin in British Columbia (btw, check out my British Columbia-based adventures) who were on the hunt for effective fluoride-free toothpaste. When they couldn’t find what they were after they decided to create their own and sell it in jam jars at the local farmer’s market. As demand grew, they took their business to a professional level and are now a leading company in terms of natural and eco-friendly oral care.

I’m a sucker for a good Canadian-made product, so to be honest I was sold as soon as I found this out.

Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste
Nelson Naturals products

Putting my irrational love of Canadian-made products aside, I want to quickly make a comment about the kindness of one of the founders, Dana. Dana generously sent me a container of moringa toothpaste as well as a few samples of the Crush & Brush tablets so I could try them out. She is seriously SUCH a sweet individual and posts the most uplifting and lighthearted content on Instagram – all for the sake of making people smile. Check her out!

Other Great Things About Nelson Naturals

The products they produce are completely eco-friendly (glass/metal packaging) and are composed of natural, readable, and easily identifiable ingredients; you’d be surprised at how difficult this is to come by.

Additionally, they have refill centres (adding to how eco-friendly their products are) and the company donates 5% of their profits to animal charities!

Are you not swooning over Nelson Naturals yet? Because I sure am.

What’s “Wrong” With Conventional Toothpaste?

Unfortunately, common drugstore toothpastes like Colgate and Crest are filled with harmful ingredients that actually damage your teeth and negatively affect your overall health. Not to mention the plastic tubes they come in are totally horrible for the environment. Did you know more than 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes are thrown out globally each year?

I’ll quickly go over some of the harmful ingredients in toothpaste, not to scare you, but to bring awareness to how unhealthy some toothpastes can be for us.

Harmful Ingredients In Toothpaste
  • Fluoride – the most commonly known mineral in toothpaste. Fluoride actually negatively interferes with the development of enamel and contributes to poor gut health. It’s purpose is to prevent cavities, but research is showing it may be doing the opposite.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – a toxic foaming agent in toothpaste that contributes to canker sores and cancer.
  • Propylene Glycol – a byproduct used to make anti-freeze.
  • Titanium Dioxide – a powder that makes toothpaste white, but contributes to poor gut health. *Your gut is your second brain and is a HUGE contributor to your overall physical and mental health; we should be actively avoiding ingredients that cause harm to our guts.
  • Triclosan – an antimicrobial chemical linked to both health and environmental problems.
  • Artificial colouring, sweeteners, and flavours – linked to skin rashes, behavioural problems, and cancer.

This is just a snapshot of some of the harmful ingredients that make up popular toothpaste brands.

I constantly question how companies can get away with selling products like these… Especially when the product is going directly in our mouths!

What’s in Nelson Naturals Toothpaste?

What’s in Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste and what’s on the outside are equally important… and impressive.

Nelson's Naturals moringa toothpaste review
Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste
Eco-Friendly Packaging

Nelson Naturals eco-friendly packaging is what truly sets this company apart from others like Green Beaver and Dessert Essence. Nelson’s Naturals packages all their toothpaste in glass jam jars with metal lids. No plastic involved!

I’m all about natural and toxic-free products, but when a natural product is packaged in materials that harm the planet, I can’t get on board. What’s the point in being healthy if our planet is unhealthy!?

As I previously mentioned, the company has also set up refill locations all over the US and Canada which gives you the opportunity to repurpose and reuse your already eco-friendly jars. Nelson Naturals definitely has the whole sustainable thing figured out.

Nelson Naturals Toothpaste Ingredients

Before I get into the nitty gritty, I want to preface by saying Nelson Naturals has multiple toothpaste flavours: moringa, cinnamon, spearmint, citrus spice, and fennel. They’ve also got an activated charcoal whitening toothpaste.

I’m specifically doing the Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste review and I’ll therefor only be talking about the ingredients in that toothpaste. I can assure you though that their other toothpastes are equally as great!

Here’s a look at all the natural ingredients in Nelson Naturals Moringa Toothpaste: Calcium Carbonate, Bentonite Clay, Colloidal Silver, Sea Salt, Xylitol, Castile Soap, Moringa Leaf, Trace Mineral Concentrate, Spirulina, Moringa Seed Oil, Iodine, Essential Oils of Juniper Berry, Rosemary, Peppermint, & Pine.

Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste ingredients
Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste ingredients
Why Are Natural Ingredients Important?

Next I’ll go over the benefits of each of these ingredients, however I first want to address why using a toothpaste with natural ingredients is so important.

I already talked about why conventional toothpaste isn’t ideal and what harmful chemicals/ingredients are used in “trusted” pastes like Colgate, Crest, etc. One thing I didn’t talk about though is the area underneath your tongue and the process of sublingual administration.

^That’s a big word, but essentially it means that when things come into contact with the area underneath your tongue, they’re absorbed directly into your bloodstream. The area underneath your tongue has a 9X higher absorption rate than your stomach and is 4000X more permeable than your skin.

As these ingredients are absorbed into your bloodstream, they’re then distributed all throughout your body and cause harmful side effects in ways you can’t even imagine.

On the other hand, natural toothpaste is composed of ingredients that will cause health benefits rather than contribute to our already toxic bodies.

Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste
Nelson Naturals bringing out my best smile
Benefits of These Ingredients
  • Moringa – I’ll talk about moringa more next, but this is a POWERHOUSE of an ingredient.
  • Bentonite clay – absorbs stains (whitens) and acts as a mild abrasive (rids plaque).
  • Colloidal silver – colloidal silver is a secret weapon for the immune system and has SO many health benefits; you can read more about the benefits of colloidal silver here.
  • Essential oils – I could go on forever about the benefits of essential oils, but a few are: builds strong immunity; antiviral, anti fungal, & anti-bacterial properties. They also create great flavour and aroma.
  • Spirulina – I don’t even think spirulina needs an introduction, so here’s an article from one of my favourite naturopathic doctors, Dr. Josh Axe, explaining it’s benefits like: cancer prevention, heavy metal detoxification, gut health, etc.
  • Iodine – helps flush fluoride from the body and contributes to proper thyroid functioning. Most North Americans are iodine deficient which contributes to a number of negative health problems.
  • Other ingredients – like salt, xylitol, castille soap, and calcium carbonate contribute to a better clean and better flavour.

The star ingredient of Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste is no other than, moringa.

Moringa is the most nutrient dense plant on earth and provides a slew of health benefits. It also helps fight many conditions like; cancer, diabetes, low energy, anemia, constipation, thyroid disorders, low sex drive… The list goes on and on.

Moringa is also given to children in 3rd world countries suffering from vitamin A deficiency as it’s loaded with vitamin A & C, phytochemicals, calcium (strengthens enamel), beta-carotene, and so much more.

Here’s a super detailed article about all the benefits of moringa to get you excited about the incredible ingredients in Nelson Naturals toothpaste.

Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste
More smiles!
Final Thoughts on Ingredients

Before I give you my Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste review, I want to quickly recap the importance of using a natural toothpaste.

We’ve learned about the ingredients in Nelson Naturals Moringa toothpaste and we’ve also learned about some of the incredible health benefits of those ingredients. We’ve also discussed why conventional toothpastes may not be the greatest option for our health or for the environment.

The high absorption rate via sublingual administration makes it that much more important that we specifically use products made of natural ingredients in our mouths more than anywhere else on our bodies. And hey – it’s also COOL to do good things for the environment!

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Nelson Naturals Moringa Toothpaste Review

When Nelson Naturals sent me their toothpaste and toothpaste tablets I was quite excited, but also skeptical because of how much I LOVE David’s toothpaste; the first natural & sustainably packaged toothpaste I tried.

What made me so excited about Nelson Naturals toothpaste though was their “superfood” ingredients and unique packaging – it really felt like this company was going above and beyond.

So, without further ado, here’s my complete Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste review in questions form.

Does It Work?

Yes! I can confidently say my teeth were left feeling VERY clean and VERY white after every brush. By the way, I used this toothpaste avidly for weeks before writing this review and I can’t wait to continue using it!

I must mention though – you won’t get that “minty fresh” feeling because moringa doesn’t have a minty taste.

Would I Recommend Nelson Natural Moringa Toothpaste?

100%. Nelson Naturals sustainable packaging coupled with their healthy ingredients make this product irresistible to someone like me who’s obsessed with holistic and environmental health. The only downfall to Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste is the cost. It does cost $15/container, however you can keep an eye out for sales and use my discount code HOLISTICBACKPACKER for 10% off.

If cost is of huge concern, you could try David’s; another natural and eco-friendly toothpaste that is a little more cost efficient.

What Is Natural Toothpaste Like?

Something I found interesting about natural toothpaste when I first switched was that it doesn’t foam up like conventional toothpaste. For example, my David’s toothpaste has a water-y consistency when you brush, whereas Nelson Naturals completely coats your teeth and is quite thick.

After doing some research I discovered that conventional toothpaste is filled with sodium laurel sulfates (SLS) – yes SULFATE! Sulfate is a super toxic ingredient that causes so much harm to the body. It’s commonly found in chemical-based shampoos, and it certainly does not belong in your toothpaste.

By the way, make sure you check out my guide for switching to natural shampoo bars.

Anyways, at first I thought it felt strange having a toothpaste that didn’t foam, but now after using natural toothpaste for quite some time I much prefer the lack of foam.

Nelson Naturals Moringa Toothpaste FAQ

Is it hard to use in a container?

Nope! Just dip, brush, smile.

Is it worth the money?

Absolutely! I’ll be honest, switching to natural toothpaste may initially come as a shock because it is more expensive than conventional toothpaste. I however like to look at it as an investment for my health. If you missed my explanation of sublingual administration and the natural ingredients in Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste, give it a quick read and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about 🙂

To save you a bit of $, use my code HOLISTICBACKPACKER for 10% off Nelson’s toothpaste and tablets when you check out online.

Does Nelson Naturals make other products?

Yes! Nelson Naturals has a line of different flavoured toothpastes as well as toothpaste tablets. Tablets have quickly become my favourite oral care product for both travel and backcountry camping. You can read my review for Nelson’s Naturals toothpaste tablets here.

Nelson Naturals moringa toothpaste review
Nelson Naturals toothpaste tablets review
Is there a shipping charge?

In both Canada and the US orders are free over $50, $5 flat rate for orders between $15 and $49.99, $10 for orders $14.99 and under.

Where Is Nelson Naturals Sold?

You can find Nelson Naturals product on their website, of course. Aside from that, keep an eye out at your local natural shop or on; is an online wellness pharmacy where I buy anything natural-base I can’t find in-store. Also, don’t forget about Nelson’s Naturals refill locations!

How Long Does The Toothpaste Last?

The lifespan of Nelson Naturals is much shorter than conventional toothpaste; approximately 2 months after opening to be exact. This is due to the use of natural ingredients opposed to all the chemicals and preservatives that make up toothpastes like Colgate and Crest.

Other Tips for Natural Oral Care

Besides Nelson Naturals, there are other great natural toothpaste brands out there. Before discovering Nelson Naturals I was an avid Davids toothpaste user. David’s toothpaste is a little more affordable and also comes in sustainable packaging. My favourite is their peppermint flavour.

David's toothpaste
Natural, eco-friendly oral care

There are quite a few natural toothpaste brands out there though. If you’re interested in discovering all the options you can compare different brands on – this is the ultimate online Canadian pharmacy and hub for buying natural and eco-friendly products.

Other natural & eco-friendly practises you can implement in your oral care routine include:

  • Oil pulling – something I do every morning. This is an Ayurvedic practise, it helps detoxify the body, and it strengthens/whitens your teeth. More on oil pulling here.
  • Bamboo toothbrushes – the best bamboo toothbrushes I’ve been able to find are these ones from Brush Naked.
  • Sustainably packaged floss – eco-friendly floss is something I recently discovered. You buy the initial floss package with the glass jar first, then only purchase refills after.
  • Toothpaste tablets – these are the PERFECT natural toothpaste option for travel and backcountry camping (explore my backpacking trail guides). You can also read my review for Nelson’s Naturals toothpaste tablets here.

Switching to natural products may seem like a huge commitment, and may even seem intimidating at first. Just know I’m here to help and answer any outstanding questions. Trust me, I’ve tried just about everything when it comes to natural & eco-friendly products 🙂

Send me an email at any time!

Happy adventuring!

Taylor ♡

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