Best Place To Watch Sunrise & Sunset In Waterton Lakes National Park

If you’re like me, you l o v e watching sunrise and sunset. My personal favourite is sunrise – there’s something so intimate and special knowing you are one of such view people seeing the incredible view before you. Luckily for us, there happens to be a few locations for the best place to watch sunrise in Waterton.

Of course hiking to a summit is the ideal place to watch either of these events, but sometimes it’s nice to have a more accessible viewing destination.

There’s no shortage of places to watch sunrise in Waterton or sunset in Waterton and due to the layout of the mountains, pretty much any of the following spots mentioned are ideal for sunrise or sunset.

Now, let’s watch the sun set in Waterton!

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Bear’s Hump Hike

The best place to watch sunrise in Waterton is the Bear’s Hump hike. Bear’s Hump is well-trafficked (a little less-so in the mornings), easy to follow, and the path is clear of rocks and roots for the most part.

Upon arriving at the top, you will be overlooking all of Waterton, the Waterton Lakes, as well as a valley and Crandell Mountain behind you. Great reward for the minimal effort it takes to hike this trail.

It took us about 20 minutes to get to the top, but we were booking it. You can read more about hiking Bear’s Hump here.

Enjoy the 360 degree serene views and the striking alpenglow.

Ideal for: watching sunrise in Waterton.

Sunrise at Bear's Hump hike -Waterton Lakes National Park
Sunrise on Bear’s Hump

Prince of Wales Hill

If you’re not one for hiking, fear not. The Prince of Wales hill is located right by town. The hotel’s parking is reserved for guests only, however if you only show up for a short amount of time to watch sunset, you should be fine. If not, there is parking very close by at Bear’s Hump – or you can walk from town (I know we’re avoiding the hiking thing with this one, but it’s not far at all).

Prince of Wales hill is a great place to watch sunset in Waterton due to the direction the lake is facing.

This is the classic view of Waterton and my guess is it’s also one of the most photographed places in the park.

Fun fact – Prince of Wales is a hotel and a National Historic Site!

Prince of Whales hill, Upper Waterton Lake
Prince of Wales hill, Upper Waterton Lake
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Bertha Point

Bertha Point is a great little place I discovered while hiking to Bertha Lake – read my trail guide for more information on how to get here.

This is a quick 20 minute walk from the Bertha Lake trailhead and is one of the best places to watch sunset in Waterton.

sunset spot in Waterton: Bertha Point
Bertha Point

Upper Waterton Lake Shore

Anywhere along the shore of Upper Waterton Lake is also a great place to watch sunset in Waterton – you can walk the rocky shore from the marina all the way to the Townsite campground. Find the red chairs at the Townsite campground and enjoy the view with a comfortable seat!

Shore of Upper Waterton Lake
Shore of Upper Waterton Lake

Best Place to Stay in Waterton

The best place to stay in Waterton depends on your price range, So, here are some recommendations for every budget:

Plan a trip with my ultimate guide to Waterton:

Happy adventuring!

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